"As the mother of two girls who were drawn to dance at a very young age, it was very important to me that their early experience be one that focused on nurturing their love of dance. My desire was more than met in Raélle Dorfan, whose enthusiasm for her art is absolutely infectious. As a teacher, she strikes a beautiful balance in that she exudes the kind of inner groundedness that naturally attracts respect and calm from her students. Her kindness and fun loving nature is tempered with her command presence which creates a perfect learning environment. She meets each child where they're at and encourages the best in them. My daughters have been very fortunate to have had Raélle as their ballet teacher for the past three years. In that time, I have witnessed them grow into strong, graceful and confident dancers. This I credit to Raélle's influence. She has a gift for making each of her students believe that their talent is limitless. She has provided my girls a solid foundation to leap from, as they pursue the study of dance. 

Raélle has also inspired my girls in her role as dancer and performer as well. Watching her perform was a very special opportunity for all of us. She is one of those rare dancers who can interpret what she feels in the music with such honesty that you are moved to tears when you witness it." - Michelle Browning

"Ms. Rae, you are a True Artist! With a wonderful, amazingly kind, heart. Thank you so very much for guiding "my" Camille along her artistic path showing her the beauty of music and dance through emotion and discipline. We are very lucky to have you as her Teacher and I am sure, 20 years from now, she will, still, remember you! I know I will:-) The only part missing was you appearing on stage at the end with the children, it would have been great to give you an ovation! 

I really believe that you are an amazing talented teacher and I thank you to give Camille the opportunity to be part of it and us, parents, to witness it. Thank you, thank you!" - Veronique, Camille's mom

"We would like to thank YOU Miss Rae. On behalf of Mia and our family. The show was fantastic and we recognize all the hard work and attention to detail that went into the performance!! Thanks for everything!!!" - Fred Cassidy 

"Thank God for you Ms. Rae!! The performance was beautiful and made my heart sing. When the others were clapping I was wiping away tears. So cheesy right?! But I'm impressed as heck with the girls and in awe of your talent. Aaand I absolutely loved seeing Barrett on stage by herself for a moment! That was precious for me. Bravo Ms. Rae and a BIG hug from Barrett's mom." - Jany Park

"Raelle was a huge asset to the company and still is.  She is extremely reliable, she provides quality classes while still being fun as she is very personable and like-able.  Shortly after she began teaching for RKDC, her classes became maxed out! She has waiting lists on all her RKDC classes! I am sure you will like her as much as I do!"  - Pamela Debiase

"Before you came along, I wasn't very particular about which teacher they had for their classes. But when they took classes with you I noticed how wonderful of a teacher you are. And to be frank, I think it just stems from you as a wonderful person. It's not too common  anymore to come across people that are good-natured, kind, soft spoken, calm, friendly, and a "defender" of innocence. Even though I know you only a bit, it seems that you have these qualities. So thank you for being there in the collection of good role models that I try to keep in my kids' world. I pray that you will continue on and succeed with these qualities at the forefront of your work. And just like me, I believe others will try to hang on to you too." - Amy Hussein

" Thank you so much for putting together a spectacular show. The girls performed beautifully and they all looked stunning. We really appreciate all your hard work and creativity in bringing out the best in the girls. My girls just love you and are very inspired by your method of teaching. They can hardly wait to see what you will do with them in the new school year. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer! We look forward to seeing you in September." - Antoinette and family

" The show was amazing! You and the girls made us cry, laugh, dream, sing and dance in our chairs... I can't thank you enough for what you bring to our family and I am not the only one to feel this way. Your mama must be so proud." - Mylene Ceugniet 

"I can't thank you enough. The choreography was amazing. The dances perfect. The music spectacular. We are so honored your talent has touched our lives." - Sanaz Behrouzan 

" Thank YOU, Ms. Rae for being such an inspirational dance teacher. I was truly blown away by all the performances yesterday. The dancers were wonderful looked so happy on stage - it was a true joy to behold. And what a major production that was - great music, wonderful choreography and lots and lots of opportunities to see the children's versatility! My hat's off to you - keep up the GREAT work!" - Sherine Walton

 "I did not get a chance to thank you so much for what you have done this year with the students. The dance classes at school have been taken to a new level, the children are talking about it all the time and more and more students are joining. The show was really exceptional.  Thank you for all your work, dedication and patience with all our kids. You are making a big difference at school." - Matine Laing

"Ms Raé, Thank you for the beautiful show last Sunday. It is the school event I look forward to all year long, and I was so impressed at how far these girls have come since the last one. Sofia and Isabella wowed us with Time After Time, my husband, sister and I had tears in our eyes and we were so moved by that performance. The people around us were oohing and aaahing too. Did you notice how the audience started clapping well before they finished? They couldn’t wait to applaud. What a beautiful and memorable show it was. There was so much energy, joy, and so many smiles on that stage! Thank you, thank you for the heart and soul you put into the dance program at Lycée; Sofia’s dad and I are grateful for  it, for all that you bring to it. Merci beaucoup!" - Tina Lodovico